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Summer Research Program 2018

The Summer Research Program (SRP) at Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) will offer intensive research training opportunities in specific fields of biomedical research to exceptional undergraduate students from Qatar, the region as well as international universities. The program will provides the participants with unique opportunities for hands-on laboratory research experience under the supervision of distinguished researchers at QBRI in a challenging and yet knowledge rewarding environment. The program also seeks to enrich the participant’s experience outside the laboratory through their participation in a series of seminars, workshops and informal interactions with members of the scientific community at QBRI and in other biomedical research institutions in Qatar.

Program Duration

The program will run for seven weeks, from May 6th to July 5th; Exceptions can be made if there is a need. The intensive nature of the program requires full-time commitment from the participants.

Application Deadline

29th March 2018


To be considered for the program, the applicant must:
  • Be enrolled in undergraduate program in biological/medical related science and have completed at least 2 years of coursework by the summer of this year
  • Have minimum graduate point average (GPA) of 3

Application Procedure

Applicants must fill the online form and submit the following documents:
  • Up-to-date resume.
  • Official copy of the university academic transcript.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty or instructors who are familiar with the student and are in a position to 
assess the student’s capabilities and potential for a career in science.
  • Selection of two projects. To view the list of projects, please click here.

Click here to apply

If you encounter any difficulties in the application process, please send an email to

Selection Criteria & Evaluation Proces

Applications will be evaluated by QBRI selection committee based on specific criteria including:
  • The student’s academic record and performance.
  • Letters of recommendation.

The top candidates will be interviewed in person or via Skype by members of the selection committee prior to making the final admission decision.

Posters for the Summer Research Program can be downloaded here:
If you have any queries, please contact Ms. Lina Hassna at

To learn more about the previous year' s SRP, please click here.

Quotes from a Few Previous Students

For those wishing to prioritize research as a career, the SRP program is a good opportunity.

Tim Tomy, WCM-Q

For a biomedical student who aspires to become an active participant in the field of research, the program is extremely beneficial in terms of providing a detailed perspective of the research process as well as atmosphere and helping build skills and learn techniques that would form a foundation for the future.

Vijaykumar Pillai Krishnadev, WCM-Q

QBRI summer research program is the best place for any undergraduate student to broaden their horizons in labs, and specifically research labs.

Kawthar Saeeadali, CMU-Q

Training at QBRI was a great experience and I would highly recommend any student interested in biomedical research to apply for next year program.

Ola Jihad Hussein, QU

The Summer Research Program is a valuable experience that has exposed me to what actual research can be like. It requires hard work and dedication, but rewarding results are waiting at the end.

Fatima Hani A M Abdulaziz, CMU-Q

This Internship has not only developed my research skills, it also developed me personally.

Aisha Abdulrahman Y D Fakhroo, CMU-Q

I recommend each student who is interested in research to apply for this internship, it will definitely develop your knowledge and improve your experimental skills.

Amani Naser, QU

I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to work in Dr. El-Agnaf’s lab, who is conducting groundbreaking research on the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. I learnt essential lab techniques and critical thinking skills that will help me lay the foundation for a career in translational medicine where bench-side discoveries are transformed to bed-side treatments. Through the interaction with researchers, masters and PhD students, I gained a deeper understanding of what it is like to be a scientist, how to ask patient – relevant questions, design experiments to answer those questions and use every minute as an opportunity to learn, especially the times when an experiment fails!

Heba Nayel A F Altarawneh, WCM-Q
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